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* Conceived: Dec 25, 5 BC [1st Tebeth by Hebrew reckoning] (not born on 25 December as commonly held).

* Born: End of September, probably on: Sep 29, 4 BC. [15th Ethanim (Tisri) by Hebrew reckoning].

* Circumcised: Eight days later as Jewish custom dictated.
* Baptized: AD 26 Annoited with the Holy Spirit, ministry begins (exact date unknown but most likely significant).

* Death By Crucifixion: April 3, AD 29 [14th Nisan by Hebrew reckoning].

* Resurrection: April 7, AD 29 [18th Nisan by Hebrew reckoning] (3½ days in tomb).

* Ascension: May 13, AD 29.

* Pentecost: May 23, AD 29. Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Christianity begins.

* Return at Second Advent: Prophecy not yet fulfilled; date unknown to all except our Heavenly Father:


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